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Adult Individual, Private Golf Learning


We are dedicated to making your golf game more enjoyable and fun. Private one-on-one sessions produce the best results for adults of all ages. We are able to focus on your individual and specific golf swings and work to improving your mechanics and shot execution.


Using the basic fundamentals as base will allow us to build a golf swing that's "unique to you".....based on your swing characteristics, not one that might be seen on a video or in a book. Put simply, you and I can't swing like players we watch on the PGA or LPGA Tours. We can use the finer points of what they do to become the great players they are and incorporate them into "your" golf swing as needed....not change your golf swing to match theirs.


We call this "swing within yourself". As an example, we are not going to take a golfer who has played for 10-15 years and CHANGE THEIR SWING. Our combined over 100 years of teaching the game of golf has proven to us that that is just "not possible" unless you're willing to spend many hours a day/many days a week at the range pounding balls and working on "swing changes". What you can change are basic swing faults that are stopping you from being more consistent and improving your golf scores. We have done this with scores of golfers over the years and they have "enjoyed the game more and had more fun in the process".


That's our commitment to you.