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The  Dick Smith  Golf  Academy 

The Short Game School

Chipping & Pitching…Bunkers…Putting

3 hours of instruction by our PGA professionals

One hour in each of three phases; chipping & pitching, bunkers and putting.

Chipping & Pitching:

Learn the fine points of getting the ball into the hole from around the green.
Set up & posture, alignment and stroke. What club to use from different
lies. Learn our unique ”3 Level System” for consistent distance control.

Sand & Bunkers:

No longer fear the bunker shot. We will show you
how to get out of the sand every      
time and land your ball close to the hole.


Control your line and speed and learn the proper putting technique to produce a
consistent stroke saving game on the greens. We place emphasis on correct
posture, ball position and stance to produce the repeatable stroke for
consistently good putting.

We will show you how
to play a variety of chip shots, pitch shots, bunker shots and putts with a
goal of lowering the percentage of strokes you take from 90 yards in to the
hole…”The Scoring Zone”. Our PGA instructors use the latest in teaching
techniques, teaching aids and videos to help you understand the short game
strategy. Call for scheduling and pricing information.

 The Short Game School is a three (3) hour lesson. Each session will have a maximum of 5 players and minimum of 3 players. The cost is $75 per player for five people, $90 per player for 4 people or $120 per player for 3 people. Registration or information can be received by using our.....

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