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High School Programs


2021 Spring High School Golfer Clinics



Beginning on Saturday, March 20th and Sunday March 21st, we will hold weekly clinics at Valleybrook Country Club, Noon, 1pm and 2:00pm, expressly for High School Golf Team members. These clinics will deal with both the fundamentals and the finer points of the full golf swing and the short game. We will work slowly and thoroughly on each student to enhance their games while keeping in mind that the high schoolers are competing in school matches. It is important that we "enhance" each players skills on an on-going basis so as not to "destroy" their ability to compete by making major swing changes. If we can effect an improvement of just a couple strokes for 9 holes, the high schooler will score better and be more competitive through the spring high school matches. Here are more details:


  • Please call Dick Smith cell 856-237-4131 if you have any questions. Classes meet at Valleybrook Country Club every Saturday and Sunday, beginning March 20th and 21st at either noon, 1pm or 2pm. Classes will continue through the High School competition schedule.
  • Class size have to be limited 2-3 students
  • Weekly cost is $20.00 per student.
  • You'll need to register each week you attend.