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Mission Statement


At the Dick Smith Golf Academy, our primary goal is to improve your golf swing and your understanding of the game.  A basic approach to learning the fundamentals of a productive golf swing will govern the structure of the school format.  We want to keep the necessary procedures to building a good swing simple and easy to repeat and remember.  To support your learning process, we will use a variety of drills and techniques which you can use during subsequent practice sessions.

The game of golf, often referred to as "The Game of a Lifetime," has been a sport and recreation for millions of men, women, and juniors over the past 100+ years in America.  While providing great enjoyment and exhilaration, golf also is the source of frustration due to the complexities in learning a useful and productive swing.  The frustration becomes a major obstacle to the player's ability to learn and improve.

At the DSGA, we believe the main cause of this frustration and what seems to be an endless learning process, is that the game has become too complicated and confusing and too time consuming for the student.  Our approach will be to apply basic fundamentals to each individual student, based on their specific physical and swing characteristics as opposed to trying to make them swing "my way."   This individual, custom fit approach to learning the golf swing will produce better results, more quickly and the techniques will be easy to remember and repeat.  Our students consistently improve at a faster pace and reach a satisfaction and enjoyment level with greater ease.

At the end of the day, the learning experience is more enjoyable and rewarding if the game is more fun and the accomplishments more visible.

This is our goal at the Dick Smith Golf Academy.

Come visit us at the fantastic Dick Smith Golf Academy.  We'll meet with you personally and during the complimentary Swing Check we will provide an immediate evaluation of your swing and design a program for you based on YOUR EXPECTATIONS AND GOALS.